Ann Mashburn Gold-Lined Large Soft Tote

Beige Dollaro Leather
At first glance, this is just a slouchy tote bag made from super-soft pebbled leather. (Alce is Italian for 'elk' because the texture is similar to elkskin... who knew?) But on the inside, it's coated in metallic gold. Which, aside from looking very cool, makes it much easier to find what you're looking for. A little subtler than shining your phone flashlight in there, right? There's a detachable zip pouch on the inside to help keep things a bit more organized. And since it's made at a small, family-run factory in Italy, the craftsmanship is beautiful.

The Specs

  • soft pebbled leather
  • gold-coated interior
  • 18" x 11" x 7.9"
  • 9" handle drop
  • detachable zip pouch
  • Italy

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