The Impossible Project I-1 Analog Instant Camera

The Impossible Project did the impossible and brought back the beloved Polaroid, an instant camera that produces a real, tangible photograph (imagine that!). But they also developed the first new instant-format camera in over twenty years: the I-1. It's an easy-to-use, point-and-shoot camera that can connect to your iPhone or Android with the I-1 App, where you can mess around with light painting, double exposure, manual modes for shutter speed and apertures, and more. But it also takes regular ol' 600-type instant Polaroid film if you feel like leaving your phone at home. It looks like it's from the future — think of it as analog-meets-digital.

The Specs

5.2" x 5.3" x 9"
detachable, mechanical pop-up viewfinder
uses Bluetooth 4.0 for iOS, WatchOS, Android
compatible with I-1 App
also compatible with 600-type and I-type instant film
6 lenses total, with 5 possible configurations
5 zone autofocus system, using reflective IR ranging
focal length: 82 - 109mm
field of view: 41 degrees vertical, 40 degrees horizontal
12 LED advanced ring flash

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