Polaroid Originals Polaroid 600 Camera - Sun 660 AF

Remember this? The Impossible Project did the impossible and brought back the beloved Polaroid, an instant camera that produces a real, tangible photograph (imagine that!). Use it as a bookmark, prop it up it next to your bed, give it to someone you love… they make everyone a little more sentimental. It uses 600-type instant film, which means there can only be so many retakes (seven, to be exact) — which is kind of the point. Live in the moment, right? On the more technical side, it's got what Impossible calls a Frog Tongue to shield the film from light when it comes out after the shot — which means consistent, accurate developing. And it has a single-element 116mm lens, a 1/4-1/200th second shutter speed range and a wide aperture range of f/11-f/42, if that means anything to you. If it doesn't, your photos will still look great. It's a Polaroid! Everyone looks more beautiful on Polaroid!

The Specs

uses 600-type instant film
single-element 116mm f/11- f/42 lens
focus range: 3' - infinity
sharpest focus between 4-5'
shutter speed range: 1/4-1/200th second
fitted with Impossible Frog Tongue
built-in automatic electronic flash
powered by battery included with film
keep cool in extreme heat

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