Kusmi Tea Paper Tea Filters, Pack of 100

Filters for what is just about the chicest tea you can buy. Pavel Michailovitch Kousmichoff got his start at the tender age of 14 (hey, it was a different time,) when he left his rural family farm to apprentice with a tea salesman in St. Petersburg. After years spent blending, infusing, and learning the craft, he received a tiny teahouse as a wedding present... which grew into a veritable Russian institution over the next fifty years. After the revolution in 1917, Kousmichoff shortened its DBA to Kusmi and relocated the business to Paris, where they've been headquartered ever since. History aside, this tea is special. The flavors are delicate, the packaging is beautiful, and it's still quite hard to find... all the makings of a great gift. These filters are great for people who like the idea of loose-leaf brewing and the convenience of tea bags. Each filter is good for one cup or small teapot, and you can easily customize the strength by how much you fill it.

The Specs

  • 100 single-use biodegradable tea filters
  • abaca pulp, cellulose and heat-sealing paper fibers
  • each makes a single cup or small teapot
  • France

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