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Ann Mashburn Hot Water Bottle Holder

Light Sky Rex Rabbit Fur
Chicer, softer, and safer than a heating pad or an electric blanket... a fur cover for your hot water bottle is just about the most luxurious way you can warm yourself up. This hot water bottle covered with premium Merino sheepskin from New Zealand is your perfect partner for cold days. When it gets cold even under throw while you are relaxing at home there is nothing better than a how water bottle. And this one is extra cozy since it is covered in Premium Merino sheepskin. The short-wool sheepskin is extremely resistant against dirt and bacteria. Furthermore, it keeps the heat so your hot water bottle stays longer war. Not mentioning the feel when you run your fingers through the tiny curls while you relaxe in your bed or on the couch. So treat yourself with one of our hot water bottles and for a perfectly relaxing day! It uses a Fashy bottle (the undisputed king of hot water bottles) that's made in Germany from odorless, recyclable rubber. We designed a cover that's both reversible and super-lightweight, which is crucial if you're serious about staying warm. More traditional cashmere ones absorb all the heat and you don't get the full effect. If you fill with boiling water, it'll stay hot until morning.

The Specs

  • Southern European rex rabbit fur
  • fully lined
  • hot water bottle not included
  • 12.6" x 8.7"
  • Denmark

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