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Magazine B MUJI

Seoul-based Magazine B is all about “deep dives on the brands that dominate our lives.” Heavy! But also very cool! Each issue is 130 ad-free pages dedicated to a single brand from an independent perspective, enriched by fantastic photography and graphics. Think of it as a documentary in print form that also looks great on the coffee table. Issue 53 highlights Japanese lifestyle goods brand Muji, short for Mujiryushi Rohin, which translates to “high-quality goods with no brand.” Which is exactly what they're known for: everything from toothbrushes to ballpoint pens to beds to straw hats. From Editor-in-Chief Taehyuk Choi: “In the late 1970s, just before Muji was birthed, consumption in Japan was at a peak, and the criteria for measuring a brand's value were unclear. Large-scale retailers responded by creating self-branded, low-cost lifestyle goods that could be brought to market in a short time… [Muji] chose a different approach: a concept that would combine low prices with high quality and a healthy driving ideology… The brand's slogan today is 'Muji is enough,' and where it once sold 40-some items, it now offers over 7,000 different products.”

The Specs

  • softcover
  • 130 pages
  • JOH Publishing
  • South Korea

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