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Izipizi #D Junior Screen Protection Glasses

Apparently, kids' eyes are extra-susceptible to blue light... while we should all limit our time in front of screens, the still-developing lenses of children are at extra risk for strain and long-term damage. So while screen-time glasses for children might seem like a cute gimmick, they're actually pretty important. These are from our favorite budget-friendly optical line from the Continent. For years, they were beloved as a cult-favorite souvenir to pick up on vacation in Europe: cheap, chic, and super-high-quality reading glasses, sold under the name See Concept. They recently changed their name to be simple and evocative in every language: IZIPIZI. We think English speakers got the best end of that deal — it's pronounced easy-peasy — but it totally captures what the brand is all about: playful, accessible glasses for everyone. Each pair is lightweight, with flexible arms and a rubbery-feeling frame.

The Specs

  • lenses that filter 40% of HEV blue light
  • rubber-feel frame
  • flexible arms with spring hinges
  • designed for children 3-10 years old
  • 42mm height
  • 123mm width
  • 116mm length front to back
  • comes in felt pouch
  • France

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